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Discount Wholesale Loaves

6 Inches Long 2.90" High x 2.25 inches wide.

This is our discount loaf offering, we use the exact same formula for this size loaf as the large loaves.The weight is approximately half that of the larger loaves. The size is last somewhat different, more of a rectangular bar as apposed to a square bar from the larger loaves. There are also a few loaves that overlap both sizes including two of our
best sellers cherry almond and lemongrass. Be sure that all of our soap is made in the USA, never imported. We source all of our premium ingredients locally. This soap is full cured and ready for resale. If you are currently selling any handcrafted items at local markets our soap will make a great addition to your current product lineup.
Our Best selling soap is made with an amazing original formula. This formula was developed over 10 years ago and has been made into millions of bars of soap that has been successfully sold all over the world. We have added different improvements over the years including sea salt, natural mud, goats milk, and greek yogurt. If you need a soap bar that is truly unique our soap is the soap you have been looking for.
The most appealing element of soap selling is the long term relationship you develop with your customer base as you will find that repeat customers are the life line of a successful business. Good luck and if you have any further questions please call us, thanks.


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