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Wholesale Body Butter

Body butter available to the public!

Wholesale Body Butter - Tangerine Grapefruit

Wholesale Body Butter - Wild Passion

Wholesale Body Butter - Lavender Patchouli

Wholesale Body Butter - Hydrangea Rose

Wholesale Body Butter - Red Clover & Tea

Wholesale Body Butter - Jasmine Lime


All of our premium body butter is handmade.

Call 312-320-5862 if you have any questions!

Grapefruit Tangerine

12 - Grapefruit Tangerine - Body Butter

60 - Grapefruit Tangerine - Body Butter

Wild Passion

12 - Wild Passion - Body Butter

60 - Wild Passion - Body Butter

Lavender Patchouli

12 - Lavender Patchouli - Body Butter

60 - Lavender Patchouli - Body Butter

Jasmine Lime

12 - Jasmine Lime - Body Butter


60 - Jasmine Lime - Body Butter


Hydrangea Rose

12 - Hydrangea Rose - Body Butter


60 - Hydrangea Rose - Body Butter


Red Clover & Tea

12 - Red Clover & Tea - Body Butter

60 - Red Clover & Tea - Body Butter


12 - Assorted - Body Butter


60 - Assorted - Body Butter


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Our body butter was develpped at the request of our customers. They asked us for a rich creamy blend that would moisturize without leaving ones skin oily or greasy. After many attempts at different formulas we believe we have come up with just the right combination of luxurious ingredients to give our quality customers the product that fits their needs. This formula has received great revies and we have an 80% customer reorder rate with this item. As more resellers try this amazing butter our experience has been nothing but positive. Making body butter is a very precise endeavor and we strive to continue to meet all of customers requirements as they continue to grow their businesses.If youh have any suggestions please remit these directlt to Jeff at the phone number on the top of the page.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian

Jeffrey Dorrian

Another Great Crafter Making Body Butter

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