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These first eight loaves are our current best sellers!!

Scroll down for the remaining choices!

Orange Aloe Scrub

Grapefruit Tea Tree Scrub

Hydrangea Rose Goat's Milk


Lemon Zest

Cherry Almond


Gobi Gold

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Below are our 4 newest fragrances!

Spring Rain Cotton Fields Glacial Stream Kashmir

Apple Cantaloupe Apple Rose Butt Naked ------

Wholesale Soap Loaves

Enjoy our selections of the current best sellers. These amazing handmade soap loaves are
the best sellers in a list of over three hundred fragrances.

We no longer offer free loaves.

Soap Loaves are now priced at $17.60, down from the old price of $22.00 to compensate for this change.

Free Shipping on orders over $80.00! That's only 5 Large Loaves!



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