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soap block Our wide variety of soap blocks come in many different ingredient categories. We use the traditional cold pressed soap making m,ethod. Our specialty is the premium olve oil soap brand. The newer members of our soap making family include sea salt soap. goat's milk soap, Greek yogurt soap and black soap. All of these different types of soap go through the saponification process to makes the finest soap you will ever try. Sodium hydroxide is the agent that creates the actual soap. This is time tested soap making from ancient italy that was discovered approximately 4000 years ago. Triglycerides from many oils including coconut oil Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride is the main ingredient affecting the cleansing action of our soap. Olive oil Olea Europaea is the ingredient most responsible for moisturing your skin. Shea butter Butyrospermum Parkii aloe Aloe Barbadensis tea tree oil Melaleuca Alternifolia all contribute to a rich skin emoliant ingredient deck.

These are 4 of our more popular soap blocks


Soap Block lavender

Soap Block Lemongrass

Soap Block Oatmeal Milk Honey

Soap Block Cherry Almond



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