Homemade Lye Soap Stories

The whole idea of making soap from oils and lye leached from water passed through wood ash is a little crazy. There is no clear expalnation historically how soap was invented in the first place. There is a lot folk lore and speculation surronding events which may or may not have not been historically accurate. There was evidence of soap being developed in disperate cultures that had litle chance of communication the knowledge with one another. The ancient peoples must have had a common need and priority in their culture for cleanliness. We wouldn't call it clealiness by todays standards but all the same the basic need for a cleansing material must have been there.In honor of soap consumers throughout history we would like to tell your story.

We would like to offer all of customers the opportunity to share their homemade lye soap sytories with us and we will give you credit for your story and a link back to your website. Any story with a nice narrative will do. I especially like stories that are shared from grandparents or from immigrants who have stories about soap maikng from the old country. In either case keep the stories coming and we will grow this part of the website together.

Don't be shy or think your story is insignificant. All stories will be given complete consideration and most will be included on our site.

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