Lye Soap Calculators

This one of the preimer sap calculators recommended by many soap makers.

Mike Lawson over at soapers choice prodides this calculator as a bonus for all of his customers. Check out his selection of soap making oils, he has the best prices in the business!

This is the granddaddy of all of the online sap calculators. The oil list is endless. If you have an hour or two you will be able to figure this one out. Don't be scared away, you time is worth the effort.

Yes we all must have a favorite and this one is mine. Poke around this site for a while there is a lot of great information. Taking values from an easy to use chart can sometimes be the most time efficient way to get your lye calc right. Sometimes not so much.

This might be my favorite soap making site overall. The info is great and practical advice given at every turn. Don't pass this one up. Site looks like an old time advertisement.

The whole soap making community is grateful to all of the effort Cathie Miller has given the community over the years. One of the forst sites I ever read when I was starting out. Lots of cool advice and practical as well. These are soaper who tryly love their craft.
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