Lye Soap Sap Values

Here is a very limited list of the most common soap making oils and their sap values. Use this list to do a quick comparison and discover which ones a similar enough with whic to do exact switches. This is a great way to get started customizing your own bars.

Soap Making Oil Sap
Almond Oil 129
Avocado Oil 126
Canola Oil 129
Castor 125
Cocoa Butter 130
Coconut 180
Corn 129
Cottonseed 132
Hempseed 128
JoJoba Oil 66
Lard 131
Neem 132
Olive 128
Palm kernel 148
Palm 134
Safflower 129
Soybean 128
Sunflower 127
Walnut 128
Wheatgerm 124


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