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handmade SOAP

Here is our ten new salt soap creations!

Completely unique and only available at The Soap Guy!

Wholesale Handmade soaploaf - spearmintbasil

Spearmint Basil

Wholesale Handmade soaploaf - Jasmine Lime

Jasmine Lime

Wholesale Handmade soaploaf - Cool Spring Scrub

Cool Spring

Wholesale Handmade loaf - mangosalsa scrub

Mango Salsa

Wholesale Handmade loaf - Goldmoss scru

Gold Moss

Wholesale Handmade loaf - green tea verbena scrub

Green Tea Verbena

Wholesale Handmade Loaf - Raspbery Patchouli

Raspbery Patchouli

Wholesale Handmade Loaf - Tropical Citrus Scrub

Tropical Citrus

Wholesale Handmade Loaf - seaweed juniper

Seaweed Juniper

Wholesale Handmade Loaf - Oak Moss Lavender

Oak Moss Lavender


Our luxurious handmade olive oil soap is available in large 2 lb 12 oz loaves. These loaves easily cut into 10 large bars. The wholesale price for each loaf is $21.00. Buy 4 loaves and get your 5th loaf free!! Plus free shipping! That makes your final price $16.80 per loaf delivered.

Put 4 loaves in your cart. Be sure to email me with your free choice!


If you have any trouble with the shopping cart call me at 312-320-5862

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