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Top 5 Handmade Soap Online Outlets (Non Ebay)

A very well established site for especially for crafts. 10 cents listing fee.
Long established site that has regular customer base. Monthly fees. Very Reasonable.
Newer auction site. No listing fees. Stores for $9.95 per month. Unlimited listings.
Free online store. Easy navigation.
Great feeds to Froogle, Bidhopper, Bidfind for extra exposure.

Ebay has completely destroyed the trust it had with store owners by increasing insertion fees 150% and the misleading the media by calling it "a total increase of 6%" to Ebay users. Jump off this sinking ship before they take you down with them. Handmade soap is a great item to sell in specialty outlets that focus on crafts and other hand made items. The two sites at the top of my list are great sites for crafters of any kind. The really nice part about these two sites is that they already have a built in following.

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