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Discover the 3 Secret Ingredients for Great Handmade Soap

The first ingredient that all handmade soap makers use is coconut oil. Why then would this be a secret. The amount of coconut oil is the true secret. For each recipe their is an optimum amount that will produce a soap with the most lather. Coconut oil is a case where sometimes less is better. I have found cosistantly recipes that call for 30% coconut oil do better than those calling for more and better than those calling for less.

Castor oil has a very high concentration of ricinoleic acid. This is what gives it amazing lathering properties. About 10% of your total oil weight will do nicely. Don't use it to superfat. It must go through saponification to produce great lathering properties.

The last ingredient is sugar. Yes, regular table sugar. Start off with fractional amounts and add to satisfaction. I ususually add it to my lye water. It will make your lathering bubbles larger than they would otherwise be. Why or how, I do not know. If you want super lathering handmade soap, these three ingredients will help. Happy soaping!!

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