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Membership Stores, The New Wholesalers

Membership stores are the new wholesalers for the public. Many different wholesale membership stores are popping up across the United States. They are great places to buy canned goods, dry goods, frying pans, and other commodities. Good deals on printers are common. Some of these stores will let you do a test run for 5% over their normal prices before you pay a membership fee. Sams, Costcos, and BJs are membership stores.

RV supplies are usually a good deal at these stores. The average person can get in on wholesale prices at membership stores, which says hey we're the new wholesalers. Office supplies like toner, bubble wrap, and envelopes are cheaper at membership stores.

If you have a big freezer these stores can save you a lot of money on frozen foods. Milk is almost always cheaper than retail food store prices. To make good comparisons of prices bring a calculator to do your math. It is best if you know the prices for your items at the regular grocery store.

There are 175 membership stores listed at thefind.com.; they cover foods, vitamins, movies, wine, software, health and beauty, and books. Membership stores are definitely on the rise and most people can find quite a few in their area. The thing to decide is if shopping through a membership store is right for you or not. That depends on what you shop for on a regular basis. You might do well to join more than one.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian