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"Hello! I just received my first shipment of your soap. It was much more than I ever imagined it would be. The fragrances are amazing and the colors are perfect! Thank you so much!"


"Jeff, you were so kind to send me new soap and a free cutter! My gosh, what a difference! Had my soap cut in 5 minutes instead of 30 and they are all even (much easier to wrap when they're straight). You really went above and beyond and for that you have blessed me with your kindness. I have your soaps all on display and hopefully will get to order more soon. Thanks so much and Happy Easter!"


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The Soap Guy Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from theSOAPGUY.com?

Organic shea butter is now in every bar of soap! Our soap is made from a completely unique formula that has been developed over many years with important feedback from our customers. It is the way it is because of you, thank you. Our process for large quantity soap making is unique. The ingredients we use are completely earth friendly. We eliminated all palm oil from our products when we saw the utter devastation caused by palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia. The Greenpeace website has some great info about this.

Do you ship outside the USA?

All orders from overseas must get a shipping quote before we can process your order. Please call us for specifics.

How do I make money selling Soap Guy Soap?

This soap is the easiest sale you will ever make. Ask a prospective customer to smell the soap bar and give you some honest feedback. The customer then cannot resist the amazing fragrances and makes a purchase. All orders over $80.00 receive free shipping.

Do you make custom bars?

Yes! We currently have over one hundred distinct fragrances in our work shop, chances are we have what you are looking for. Guest soap makes great party favors. Let us become your personal soap factory.

Do you make custom labels?

Yes! For an extra 30 cents per bar we will make custom private labels for your handmade soap. Ask about labels for favors, weddings, parties, Christmas.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We have a low price guarantee. We will not be undersold! We also guarantee to ship your order within 2 business days of placed order, or we will call you. You must provide us with a contact phone number.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes! We want all of our customers to be 100% happy with all of their purchases at thesoapguy.com. We allow 30 day no questions asked return policy!

What are your hours of operation?

Our office is open from 9 am to 5 pm central time.

The author of this article is Jeffrey Dorrian, proprietor of thesoapguy.com. This article is the full and copyright property of the said author. It may be reprinted in its entirety with all links and complete author information intact. Buy your handmade crafts here.

Handmade Soap Keys to Success

One of the first critical choices facing the owner of a business start-up is which business of the many thousands to choose from should one actually pursue. There are many personal factors to consider, these I will not address here. In a larger sense about the direction and strength of the the market you are considering entering there are several key factors that can make the difference of whether you will thrive or not. These are the variables that I will will try to address here in relation to this, the natural personal care market.

The first consideration is the health and general growth prospects of ones chosen market. Here we have a very strong position of the natural bath and body market. This market has been growing faster the general economy for several decades now. We have seen many new players in this market, including the soap chain Lush. When you see older companies introducing new line and new entrants into a said market this is usually a good sign that you are not alone in receiving a strong trend in the potential growth of market.

A second factor to consider is what economists call barriers to entry of the potential market. In this industry the barriers are low. This is great for any new business venture. Capital costs are nominal and expertise can be gathered personally through low cost experimentation. The flip side to this is that almost anyone can join the market and ongoing competition and start-ups are never ending. There are many ways to address this competitive challenge but be aware that it is real and must be taken into most decisions of about the direction of your business.

If barriers to entry are low, how are the barriers to differentiation. These are low also and offer the best protection for any budding entreprenuer in the bath and body sector. With new creams, lotions, balms, soap and other specialty items being created daily, you can readily take a new formula and brand a new ingredient with concentrated focus on specific attributes of any given ingredient to your advantage. I saw a remarkable example of this a few years ago when a new business was developed around the little know and little promoted natural grape seed oil product line. This line was able to be picked up by a national retail chain and was the driving idea behind a very successful business. There are hundreds of natural oils and natural oil combinations yet to be marketed in the proper manner allowing for virtually endless business opportunities for anyone starting out today.

In any consumable product line there are many different price points for many of the same items. Perceived value of each item can be greatly influenced by the packaging of each item. Getting the look and feel right can help you position yourself in the marketplace to create maximum value and long term success. Margins created by the best packaging options will pay dividends that cannot be ignored. There are many places to get design done at very reasonable rates in today's market that were not available even a few years ago. Don't be afraid to keep tweaking your look until you feel it is at its absolute best. Every penny spent on design will pay for itself many times over. It also becomes almost free as you scale up your operation.

The best marketers are those who find partners to help the along with their endeavor. The really nice thing about the personal care business is that their are many related fields that make a great match for your business. These other businesses find natural synergies with your business and often enthusiastic and willing partners. Therapist are a great fit because they are not in direct competition with the soap maker. Any related service business( naturopaths, hairstylists, aromatherapy professionals) would be the most advantageous. Coupons and free demonstrations are likely to find receptive ears of fellow business people. Businesses selling spices and herbs usually like to carry a natural bath and body line. Patchouli and lavender come as botanicals as well as essential oils and can be great additions to your line.

If you are seeking help locally be sure and check with all of the regular suspects, Better Business Bureau, etc. Also I have been meeting a lot of like minded entrepreneur types through the online portal meetup.com. The more you spread a sincere message of your plans, the more help you are able to find. this networking mindset is also a great way to find investors for your business. Most of America's original industrialists took on business partners to grow their enterprises more rapidly.

Many new support resources can now be found online. These resources can seem endless and confusing. Find someone who is successful in yours or a related field and try and engage the same resources. Many offer free trial runs before you commit financially. More expensive does not necessarily mean better. Stay away from custom solutions, even if they are inexpensive initially, work on them going forward will be quite costly.

There are many resources online to help you with your expertise about sodium hydroxide and saponification. The best resource though will always be your own efforts and experimentation. Use different ingredients, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, palm oil and see what works best for you. Make wholesale bath bombs as an add on item to distinguish your line. Castile soap has long been a favorite among the organic crowd.

If you need specific information about soap making don't forget to join any professional organizations that can give the advantage you need. These include soap guilds and forums where other soap makers are very willing to help you out.

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One last note to all of our regular customers. First, thank you for being such wild supporters of our bath and beauty products. Secondly, we are in the process of adding 15 new fragrances in our handmade product line. Some of these include an amazing pear fragrance and a really nice new combo of pineapple and jasmine. We really love these two new scents and we believe you will love them too. In spite of the fact that wholesale olive oil prices have gone up as much 30 % in the past year, we have managed to keep our prices steady with improved volume. Some fragrances have also increased rapidly, such as patchouli and imported musks. We realize most of our customers are resellers of our premium products and their very livelihood depends on our consistency in product quality and in product pricing. We will continue to work with our retailers and will be offering many specials in the upcoming months to defray any of your increased overhead. Thanks again.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian