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Handmade Bath Soap


Satisfying, the scent itself may tempt you to take a bite out of our handmade Black Raspberry & Vanilla soap bar. The pleasant fragrance this soap carries is undeniably the reason why, it is one of our best sellers. You are only a few clicks away from triggering your sensory memory, which will leave you mesmerizing of a perfectly handmade soap.

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Premium handmade soap



We offer a wide variety
of handmade soap bars for your pleasure.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla
12 large 5 ounce bars of soap

Black Raspberry & Vanilla
72 large 5 ounce bars of soap



The Soapguy, gives you more than the standard guarantees. This Soap Guy excels above your average soap wholesale vendor guaranteed! The Soapguy guarantees prices will not be undersold! Any order equal to or over seventy five dollars ($75.00) will be shipped to your exact specification at entirely no cost to you, so long as your final shipping destination is within the United States of America. Privacy has never been divulged and we guarantee that your personal information will never be shared with any entity, period. Easily one of the most important guarantees we uphold here at Soapguy is that all products synthesized by “The Soapguy,” is handmade & executed with the finest quality you have ever seen, period, or your money back, no questions asked. Here at The Soapguy our goal IS TO BE THE BEST starting with our friendly nature, followed by our professionalism because we guarantee our luxurious quality is unbeatable, your privacy is unreachable, low prices, and free shipping to all orders equal to or greater than seventy five dollars shipped within the United States of America.




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