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Purchasing Wholesale Soap Fragrances

Wholesale soap fragrances can be bought at Essential The discounts are 6, 12, and 12 percent. Nu-Scents sell soap fragrances wholesale and they are the largest supplier out of the mid-western part of the United States. Wholesale Supply Plus has upgraded their standards to sell only phthalate-free scents; this began on 7/8/08

Wholesale Fragrances wholesales men and women type oils for fragrance in soaps. Craft Hobby sells fragrances in bulk at lower prices. Aromatic Supplies has wholesale fragrances from Apple Melon Flowers to Iced Lemon Biscotti. only sells wholesale and there is no minimum. They fragrance oils that are perfect for melt and pour or cold pour soap creation.

Indiamart lists various fragrance suppliers. This site list wholesale fragrance suppliers and has articles about the fragrances and their uses. The Excite Directory also lists soap supply companies that sell fragrances. To find advice and information about soap making oils go to It tells about where they come from, the different names, wholesale oils for fragrance and more.

The Mad Hatters Wholesale on E-bay sells soap fragrances wholesale and other supplies. Soap Crafters Company has wholesale fragrances that are good for cold process soap making. Aroma Terra supplies wholesale fragrances and all the other needed items to make soap and they have been doing it for thirty years. They have essential oils and fragrance oils.

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