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Why use natural handmade soap instead of commercially made hand soaps? In this article you will learn about the benefits of using natural handmade soaps and what is used in the soap itself and how it will benefit yourself by using it. Using handmade soap over commercial soap means you will have fewer chemicals, fewer ingredients, and made with vegetable oils instead of animal fats. Using natural luffa handmade soap is important to many people because it works better, gives you a better cleaner skin, and helps save the environment.

Natural handmade soaps are made with natural oils, have high glycerin content due to how they are made, are better for the environment with no detergents, scents, and are never tested on animals but are perfectly ok to use on them. Commercially made soap contains chemicals, animal fats, sulfates, detergents, scents, etc. There is a lot that goes into soap making but it is a lot safer and simpler when it is made by hand.

One of the most notable benefits of using handmade soaps is its glycerin content. It has a higher amount of glycerin in them meaning that you will notice that you will not need nearly as much hand lotion as you did before. The process of how hand soap is made commercially and how it is made handmade is different and the same. Also commercially made hand soaps have a tendency to strip your body’s natural layer of oil off which opens you up to more bacteria, pollutants, sun exposure, and wind damage. Using natural soap on the other hand does not strip your body of this and actually helps your body replace those oils.

The skin has many uses. It is used to protect your temperature; it creates sweat when we are hot and keeps us warm when we are cold. Using a natural soap on your body will allow the skin to do its job better meaning will be healthier and happier.

Using natural handmade soap is something everyone should do. It has so many benefits to it that is makes us wondered why anyone would even want to use anything else. From the benefits of not getting some many chemicals on you to the benefits it gives your skin you have a lot to take in but an easy choice to switch to handmade soap. You will start seeing the benefits immediately.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian


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