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Wholesale Soap with Sea Salt

One of the premium ingredients we have been developing over the last four years is sea salt for our amazing sea salt soap. We now have what we believe to the premium salt soap recipe in the market place

One of the main features of sea salt soap is the way the minerals from the salt react in the soap and then on you skin to give an amazing and unique luxurious skin rejuvenation experience. We have had so much positive feedback from customers we have been somewhat overwhelmed. We never make any medical claims about products here at thesoapguy.com even when we are tempted to.

Our success must be driving our competitors crazy as we see more and more of the usual suspects developing salt soap and claiming to have invented salt soap even though it has been around for dozens of years

Sodium chloride is what we call salt. NaCl is the formula. It is an ionic compound that has sodium and chlorine in equal proportions. The properties of dead sea salt is widely known and we see it marked widely. Give our salt soap a try and we send us your experience. We will even link to your site if are a reseller of our products.

The actual feedback for our new line of sea salt soap has been amazing. Not only are we receiving the standard accolades but we are also getting testimonial after testimonial from customers with skin conditions who are seeing relief from long standing skin issues. We never make medical claims about our soap but we do urge our customers to give the sea salt soap a chance to help them or their loved ones.

If you are a reseller of our products be sure and keep a file with your own customer recommendations and stories so you can share this information with others. If you would like to become a reseller of our products be sure and contact us by phone so we get give all of the information you need to get started. Most of our current customers are small business people who sell at markets or have small retail outlets for their products.

In addition to our popular sea salt soap line we also have developed an amazing lotion that is 95% organically derived, but most importantly is just amazing on your skin. This lotion has really taken us by surprise. We fully expect it to rival the soap in total sales within the next few years. Yes we have many matching fragrances with the soap line so you can offer gift packs.

Our new sugar scrubs are only available in seven best selling fragrances for the moment. This is an item that we have been getting requests for for sometime now. It is super new to us and we are just starting to get our first feedback. Don't order too much initially until you get some genuine feedback from you most trusted customers.

Our new mud soap has just been put on the website. We are sure that there is

a very specific need for this niche soap line. This soap will only come in the natural oil colors as well will not be adding any colors at all to any of the blends.

We will being a few more web page that actually break down the soap into specific categories, such as florals, fruits, mint etc. We hope this is a added value that helps you make better decisions on soap selection. Don't forget , when you are just starting out to stick with the best seller list until you get some response from your local market. Our offerings are all wholesale pricing.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian

Best Selling Sea Salt Soap Loaves

Spearmint Basil
Red Sky
Moonlight Roses
Jasmine Lime
Island Citrus
Oakmoss Lavender

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