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7 Reasons To Buy Handmade Soap

I have forever been intrigued by idea of handmade soap.Though I have a hard time explaining to others why buying handmade soap is such a cool idea. So, I put together this list of seven reasons to buy handmade soap. Now I am ready with explanations for the prespective buyer.

1. Yes, handmade soap is much better for your skin than commercial soap. Not only are there no petrloleum products in our soap, there are also no animal products or any prservatives. This is all well and good but the most important reason to buy handmade soap is not what is missing but what is contained in your amazing handcrafted soap bar. All of the incredibeble natural oils that make your skin so shiny and supple.

2. Supporting local crafters. When you buy a craft product that is made your local county or satae you are supporting the local community. These craters then return the money to the local community every time they make a local purchase.

3. You never know who you will meet a the local farmers market. One of my customers actually met her husband while selling handmade soap at a local framers market. I asked her what her purchased from her the first time and she remembered that it was patchouli soap.

4. Many of our customers report that when they started usimng our handmade soap they no longer needed to use lotion on their skin after bathing. This is very neet as not only are they saving money they aalso leaving the consumer merry-go-round.

5. Handmade soap is typically poackaged in eco friendly paper. Packaging is one of the least enviornmentally friendly aspects of commercilaly produced products. Crafters are very aware of this and some even make their own paper with which to wrap their soap.

6 Allergies and trips to medical proffessionals are greatly reduced for those who have sensitive skin. This is a great bonus for those who going to see a dermatolgist for skin conditions. Many times these visits can be eliminated. Keep trying different handm soap untils you find the one that fits your makeup the best.

7. My favorite reason is the response I get from family and friends. "Wow your skin looks great", do you need a better reason than that. Try it and see for yourself. Many handmad esoap makers have a money back guarantee so their is no risk on your part.