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Best Suppliers Handmade Soap

When starting in the handmade soap business one of the most important tasks is to choose good suppliers. Here is a list of some of my favorite suppliers. I hope this helps you save hours and hours of time and money by cutting out all of the trial and error associated with finding reputible suppliers.

My favorite is Columbus Foods. This company supplies your soap making oils in bulk for wjolesale commodity pricing. Mike Lawson is the main salesman there on the sap making side. They are also suppliers to the restaurant and food industries. The soap supply side of their business in dine at soaperschoice.com. Here you get a nice list of all of the oils they sell. They have hard to find exotic oils as well as the staples. If you live close by in the Chicago are you can pick-up your supplies and save boatloads of cash on shipping.

On the fragrance side of the business I seem to be buying a lot of fragrances from Trilogy. They are located in New Jersey and minimum requirements for purchases. They also supply both fargarnce and essential oils.I find myself buying more and more from them because of the quality of their products. You can't use them for all of your choices because you don't need 5 lbs of every fragrance, but for your staples thay are a good idea. They were previously known as Royal Aromatics.

Lye is expensive to ship beacause you have to pay hazmat shipping fees. If you can buy your lye locally then that is the preferred option.If you cannot be sure and buy at least fifty pound of lye to get your volume discount. I know it sounds like alot but you will go through your lye before you know it. Boyer Corporation is a great choice for the beginner and they will ship anywhere is the USA.

Botanials can be bought very reasonably from wholesale suplies plus. They have a very wide variety of botanicals at great prices. I have also found they have great customers ervice. Keep checking back to their site as their offerings continue to grow.

Please drop me line with any of your favorite suppliers. I will be sure to mention them in any of my article updates. Personal stories about how you use these products is always a nice touch and I do link back to your site for great stories.