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Fragrance Review for Handmade Soap

What are the most popular fargrances in the handmade soap industry and why. This is a question that has a seasonal answer. Different fragrances are more popular in the fall than the ones that make it to the top of the list in the spring. I have always sold a lot of pumkin spice in late November but could not imagine anyone wanting to purchase this fall fragranc in the spring. We have a fragarnce that is named summer citrus that does surprisingly well in the winter. Just wishful thinking for all of us Midwesterners.

One on the best resources to check out for fragrance ideas is the website "save on scents." When you get to this site click on the button that says fragarnce and body oils. Then click on the button that says best sellers. This will give you give you a list of twenty fragrances that were mthe best sellers from the previous month. What an amazing resource. let's have a look at the best seller list from April

Love Spell. Yes this is a light fruity fragrance with a few earthy undertones. Makes a great spring fragrance, though I think you will find that this one sells all year long.

Clean Cotton. This is the Yankee Candle knockoff. This is very much in keeping with sping theme. The Yankee candle company spends millions of dollrs on marketing and research. Yes you should use this knowledge to help make decisions for your own line of soap.

Sweet Pea. this is a floral that has a very nice "green untertone" and has been selling very well lately. we ahve noticed a lot more inquiroies for this fragramce, so i'm glad we carry this one.

Warm Vanila Sugar. This fragrance has been making a strong showing all yaer round. It does especially well in the winter months. Now we can see that it is doing well in the spring also. This one is akeeper that you should have in your line all year long.

Cucumber Melon. I love this fragrance, though we had a hard time finding one that worked in soiap making part of our line Save on Scents has a good one that I would recommmednthat goes through te cold processed soap m aking process well and keeps it fragrance.

Use this great resource often and please drop me a note to let me know what is working for you. I am glad to share any ideas and I'm looking for a new hit fragrance all the time.